General Guidelines:
To conduct a search, enter at least one field in the search criteria on the "Search OPIF" page.

PIF Number:
PIF number is the number assigned to a case when it is entered into the Public Inspection File. If you know the PIF number of the case, enter it in the PIF number field. You may also use partial PIF numbers.

Case Name:
Enter the case name or partial case name to return results containing that case name.

Choose a court from the dropdown list.

Choose a county from the dropdown list.

Date In PIF:
Enter the date of the PIF, if known.

Issue Summary:
This field contains short summaries of the court decisions in OPIF. Enter a keyword to locate PIF(s). For example, enter “delivery” to return all PIFs that have "delivery" in the summary.

To locate PIFs that interpret a specific state or federal regulation, enter the regulation number in this field in the following formats: 109:4-3-01 or 47 CFR 64.1200

To located PIFs that interpret a specific state or federal statute, enter the statute number in this field.

Subject Matter:
Choose one or more subject matters from the list.

Choose one or more categories from the list.

For some categories, sub-categories exist. Select one or more sub-categories from the list, when applicable.